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The KWCSC gives a warm welcome to our new instructor - Ben Hermalin KWSC Instructor -- (314)-349-9929 -- He will be available for adult instruction and will also be helping Heidi with our School and Summer classes for youth. Please give him a call if you wish to get adult lessons.

Youth Summer Sailing Camp

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The Center is OPEN!

And we are recovering from Hurricane Irma. We have done a lot and removed damaged boats and materials from the yard. But we still have a lot to do. Big thanks to all who have helped either by coming to work at the center or with their donations. We still need support with getting new boats and fixing the docks that have been damaged.


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Below are some images of the center after Hurricane Irma. Work parties are being held every Saturday Morning 10 am to 12 pm.
Damaged boats have been removed. Trash has been picked up and thrown away. There was a great deal of trash blown into our Center. The roof of the Fly Navy building lost a lot of material and it ended up on our docks. And lots of things were washed onto our beach from the Bight. There has been four large trash pickups and we have one more ready to go. Our boats have been pressure washed and we are in the process of matching masts, rudders, centerboards to boats. There have been three organized work parties in the past few weeks and last Saturday's workforce of KWCSC members were joined by eight volunteers from St. Petersburg 'SailFutures' and the groups worked hard to assist with retiring the long list of tasks that needed to be accomplished. As a result, a great deal on the 'list of things to do' have been addressed. The following tasks have been checked-off: - re-rigged 2 Hobies. - replaced one Hobie trampoline. - cleaned our remaining debris, junk, etc. on property. - moved kayak rack to a new position. - moved 420's/FJ's onto floating docks. - repositioned the Sunfish/ Laser boats. - organized all spars, sails, tillers, daggerboards, etc. so they are together in one location. Right now there are 5 hobies ready to sail. Come take one for a sail or just come to see how great the Center is starting to look!

The goal of the Key West Community Sailing Center is to enrich sailing experience and make it accessible to everyone without regard to age, race, gender, creed, place of origin, financial concerns, physical ability or previous experience. We teach the skills that build confidence while having fun!
These skills include safety, seamanship, small boat handling, self-reliance, planning & thoughtful decision making, communication, team building and trust. We do this in a relaxed atmosphere where sailors, as well as those wanting to become sailors, can meet to socialize and have fun.

We’re located in the beautiful Florida Keys with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico through the protected Keys Back Country. The other side of our island home boasts protected access to an extensive reef system as well as the Straits of Florida, the Caribbean, Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas and the Atlantic Ocean.

We own and maintain a fleet of boats. Members have no-charge access to the fleet after they successfully demonstrate basic sailing skills and earn a rating. The Sailing Center also offers private boat owners with small sailboats limited dock space as well as launching and dry storage facilities for sail boats, kayaks and paddleboards.

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GUEST COMMENTARY The Key West Community Sailing Center strongly encourages feedback from the sailing community. You can submit commentary by email Here!