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Key West Community Sailing Center
Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 20, 2019
3:00 at the Center

The Pot Luck/Barbecue on Sunday Afternoon.*  Plan to attend, take advantage of the camaraderie and many food choices and catch up with other members.  The Sunday races will take place as usual and the racers will be returning in time to participate.  This year Heidi’s Youth Racing Team joins the Sunday races and they hopefully will join our feast and share stories of sailing with us.  

You are invited to bring an appetizer, salad, vegetable, main dish casserole, or dessert to share.  We will provide bottled water but, should you want something different to drink, please bring your own. You are more than welcome to bring members of your family.  

A short business meeting will be held following the meal. The business to be conducted will be limited to:  Adopting the 2019 budget; a brief review of the 2019 Goals; and the Election of the 2019 Officers and Directors.

*The Patriots/Chiefs don’t play until 6:40 so there is no conflict with the AFC Championship game.


General Policies and Procedures
Appendix A to the General Policies and Procedures



Phone:  305-292-5993


Board Members of the Key West Community Sailing Center 2018


Jane Carper

Home: 305-294-8166
Cell:    305-942-9080


Carlos Rojas



Dean Miller



Russ Vickers



Dave Arnold


Fleet Officer

Terry Carper


Affairs Officer

Elizabeth Eastman



Hugh Johnson


Membership Officer

Jill Edson

Home:  603-542-7688
Cell:     603-252-2072

Officer at Large

Bert L. Bender,

Fax:  305-296-2727

Officer at Large

George Edson

Home:  603-542-7688
Cell:     603-252-0104

Officer at Large

Walter Matthews

305 394 3857

Officer at Large

John Smittle

Home:  305-745-2430
Cell:     305-747-0436

to Board

Marci Rose, Esq.




A vote of the Board of the Key West Community Sailing Center established wind requirements/restrictions for the boats in our fleet. Boats can only be taken out when maximum wind gusts are less than 20 knots. If wind gusts measures 20 knots or higher, no boats may be signed out and must remain docked. To determine wind speed, go to and check wind at Smathers Beach. That is the reading we will be using as our decision point.

Key West Community Sailing Center Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance sailing education and encourage the public and sailors of all ages to experience the joy of sailing in a safe and fun environment.
To establish and sustain ongoing programs for sailing, education and community involvement in the city of Key West and surrounding areas.
To provide safe and fun educational programs for youth interested in sailing and boating. Learning to handle small craft teaches young students seamanship, safety, self-reliance, planning and thoughtful decision making, communication, team building and confidence. We will strive to encourage these skills through our educational programs.
To impart a love of sailing as a life sport, while providing the fundamental skills necessary for participants to advance in the sport as far as their desire, skill and hard work may take them.