Our growing community helps support the Center with their membership fees. Membership dues go toward sailing education, operating costs, maintenance of the fleet and facilities, and keeping sailing accessible in the Florida Keys.

Membership Benefits

All memberships include the following benefits:

  • Access to our fleet of boats, once “checked out” by Center staff
  • Discounts on select sailing programs
  • Participation in racing, clinics group sails, and social events
  • Use of kayaks, paddle boards, and facilities
  • Fun with new and longtime friends as well as family
  • Members are welcome to host guests at the center and on their boats
  • Satisfaction that your membership supports the Key West community through education programming, events and scholarships

Become a Member!

The annual fee for membership goes toward supporting the Sailing Center, including operating costs, maintenance of boats and the facility.  Membership includes the benefits described above. Members must be checked out on the boats they use and must sign liability waivers. Every person taking out a boat is required to have their own membership.

Membership Types:

  • Individual Membership:  Membership is designed for individual adults, ages 18 and older (no other person/member of their family takes out a boat). 
  • Family Membership:  Membership includes up to two adults and three minor children under the age 21, living in the same household.  Every family member, no matter their age, must be checked out on the boats they are authorized to use.
  • Youth Membership:  Ages 14-17.  This membership is intended for minor children, where no other family members have membership in the Sailing Center  
  • Active-Duty Military:  Active-duty military personnel and their children may choose any of the above three membership types.  As military, they will receive a discount on their initial membership.

Membership Application

You may complete your application two ways: Online or via US Mail.

To Join or Renew Online:

Click this link and complete the application for a new membership or to renew. Follow the instructions/links to proceed with online payment.

To Apply or Renew by US Mail (or drop-off at Center):

Print the Membership application/waiver, complete and send via US mail or drop off at Sailing Center.

US Mail

Send the completed application along with a check made out to:
Key West Community Sailing Center; P.O. Box 828, Key West, Florida 33041-0828

(Fee is due at time of application)


You may drop off your application and/or check for new membership fee or renewal at the Sailing Center, 705 Palm Avenue, Key West.

Boat Usage

Three key steps are required for boat usage by members to ensure safety and enjoyment by all:

  1. Be familiar with Community Sailing Center Guidelines
  2. Get “checked out” on the boat you wish to use
  3. Sign out the boat before leaving the dock, and upon return

The Sailing Center has a fleet of over 30 boats, some of which are for use by adult members and others youth boats.  Center boats are available on a first-come, first-served basis and you must be “checked out” on the boat you plan to use.  “Checking out” includes a brief display of skills, in which the boat-handler must demonstrate control of the boat using basic knowledge and understanding.

We encourage competent sailors to broaden their horizons and get checked out on multiple boats that we own here at the Center.

Contact our instructors at to schedule a time to get checked out.

Boat Storage

We have limited in-water storage available for privately-owned boats up to 26 feet in length.  We also have limited dry storage for smaller boats.  Contact Dockmaster Mike Vickery, for more information on storage availability, fees, and requirements.